How does it work HVLS fan?

Hot air go to the top of the area : destratification, is reverse natural process, driven by our machines, moving top-down hot air.
Through destratification we mix the air in order to have uniform distribution from top to bottom avoiding different temperature area. In this way we optimize heating system, reducing cost and energy loss. Today air stratification is one of the most significant lost in big areas.
Evel HVLS fan are studied to mix air, solve stratification problem with very low energy consumption.

Why choose Evel HVLS fan?

Evel is one company designing and producing HVLS fan for big areas and for people wellness; our customer could choose from our wide product range according to the product better fitting to their needs. Our designer will be close to the customer following and helping them in every step, from desing to installation.

Performances and aestetic, technolgy efficiency, made in Italy and environment care are our mission and values: every product is coming out from fluidodynamic study and laboratory test.

Where can you install one HVLS fan?

HVLS fan are studied for more variuos environment : industries, zootechnic, sports center ,warehouse and in general every building with roof higher then 5 meter.

HVLS fan can be used in every season?

Yes, HVLS fan can be used in every season, in winter time, recovering up to 6 degrees at floor level, and in summer time with high speed ventilation, without using air condition.

Why prefer HVLS fan instead HVAC?

Because you can cool an environment with very low energy consumption at a low cost, compared to HVAC system. Furthermore working cost are very low, maximum energy consumption is about 600 W per fan.

Which are benefit during winter season?

Great environment, with high roof and big areas, are difficult to be heated with traditional system because hot air go to the roof. Evel’s HVLS fan are the better solution to solve this problem because they have very low energy consumption and great efficiency in moving the air. Just to give some number, we can recover up to 6 degrees and the consumption during winter time is about 150 W.

How can I calculate exact number of HVLS fan in one environment?

Evel team is close to the customer from design to installation, in order to satisfy all  his requirement. Our designer will sugget the right quatities of fan to be installed, where to place them and we will support our customer until installation phase.

If I have a problem with my HVLS fan?

Evel is able to support our customer with his after sales team in every moment, because 90% of the problem could be solved through an internet connection. With this system we can connect directly to the machine and sole the problems.